Causes of High Blood Pressure

Correct level of blood pressure is significant when it come to our health. Walls of blood vessels usually experience pressure as blood circulates. It is some times referred to as arterial pressure. When heart is pumping the blood to other parts of the body, the pressure keeps on changing from maximum to minimum levels. This difference is solely dependent on blood flow resistance. It is also worth noting that external factors may influence the blood pressure. Some of such factor includes gravity. This happens through hydrostatic forces. Despite the fact that body tries its best to control the pressure, several factors may overcome it hence this unfit condition occurring. Some of the causes are explained below.

Constant stress can be a cause of this health problem. In our day to day activities, people get involved in actions that expose them to high levels of stress. It might be work environment pressure, bad relationships and many others. Also when you are exposed in such conditions you are recommended to take milk frequently. Milk is linked to high levels of protein. This protein helps in restoring of worn out tissues and returns the body to calm state

Do you know that weight is the biggest contributor to unfit blood levels? Though it can differ from one person to the other, one should mind his/her body weight. Some people can be overweight and the blood level is normal and they are health and fit while others might add just a few kilograms and it is done with them. It is upon you to understand your body and where relevant seek medical assistance. Especially when it comes to protein, you should understand the amounts you should take. According to research, protein requires 10% percent energy more than fat to process a gram of each. This means more calories are burned as a result of consuming food rich in protein.

Ouch! I know many people don't love ideas linked to genes since they are hard to avoid. All the same, I regret to tell you that genetics can play a vital role in your fitness in this case high blood pressure. How then can one stay free of this condition if its family based? Well, active lifestyle can do. According to researchers who can carry out a study regarding this family issue, chances of being infected lowers by aproximetely 34% when one is exposed in exercises. This will be explained in details in the next paragraph since it is very fundamental.

If you are an enemy to hard work or aerobic exercises, high blood pressure may soon knock at your door. Gym, bicycle rides, athletics, swimming and many other are essential for health body. Even though you are not a fun of all mentioned, I guess you can dance for some minutes. This can as well do. We should get exposed in these activities at list five days a week .this should take approximately 30 minute a day. Let's take health and fitness as part and parcel of our lives to avoid hospital beds or even fatality.