Fat Loss Basics - Your Secret to Losing More Fat

Sometimes, you just have to attach more importance to cutting fat, rather than being too strict with your calories because losing calories is different from cutting down fat( you may be consuming low calories but not burning fat at the expected rate). Consider the following basics if you want to lose fat in a healthy way.

#1 Know your body fat percentage

You need to concern yourself about the percentage of fat in your body and then you need to concentrate on choosing the right type of food before you consider the number of calories. Choosing the right type of foods that can help you cut down fats involve the choice of foods such as Lean meat, fruits and veggies, and elimination of processed foods, including refined sugar. With the right choice of diet, your next concern should be how to perform intensive cardio workouts, weight training and other endurance enhancement techniques. Make sure you keep track of your routine through a journal or diary.

#2 Consider the "Carb" factor

Learning to control your intake of carbohydrates can help you control your appetite and fat buildup- carbs are known to trigger a sharp increase in the storage of fat especially in the muscles. For this reason, you need to have a regular cardio workout for at least 20 minutes per session in order to use up the stored fat. In the first 20 minutes of any cardio workout, your body will be busy burning stored energy, and each second spent in workout will lead to the burning of more stored fat. Reducing your total carb intake and increasing your protein intake will ensure that your body stores up less fat.

#3 Focus on, and attack the mid-section

One of your primary concerns when losing weight is the mid-section. If you truly want to flatten your mid-section then you must target the region below your navel. The lower body resistance trainings will force your body to shed more calories in addition to stretching the muscles and burning more fat. You need to target your resistance training to your mid-section, including your legs. You don't have to do 100 crunches just to achieve a 6-pack, rather, you must combine proper diet with resistance training that targets your abdominal fat.

#4 Always hydrate yourself

Many people often wonder what hydration has to do with losing body fat. The fact is, hydration has to do a lot with losing fat. First of all, you need to be sure that your Gastro Intestinal tract is healthy enough for it to absorb more nutrients from your diet. With proper hydration, you can strengthen your GI tract , and this means your body can absorb more fiber, Vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. In addition to absorbing nutrients, hydration will help flush out toxins from your system, thereby keeping you healthy and helping you lose even more fat than usual.

Applying all these principles on daily basis, will help you achieve a sustainable weight loss and a healthier body.