How to Improve Your Bladder Control

Urinary incontinence – also known as the loss of bladder control is a very common and more often than not, an embarrassing problem. You will be amazed to know just how common this affliction is found in woman aging 18 through to 65.

Although this is a condition that you might think that you have no control over, but a few lifestyles changes can serve as a huge relief when it comes to this pesky little issue. So, if you are experiences leaks, we have a few surgery and medication free tips for you that will be a great help when it comes to preventing such embarrassing occurrences, providing relief at the same time.

1. Lose a Little Weight

Shedding a few pounds is the most effective way to gain control over your bladder. This was you reduce that extra pressure you place over your bladder. This way you can also say good bye to the feelings that has you rushing towards the nearest ladies room before you could even say “Excuse me!”

Plus, a number of researches have proved that reducing merely 10% of your body weight can contribute a lot to the cause. On a much brighter side, this way you can also get into shape and try on outfits that you have been dying to strut around town in. So it’s a win-win situation all around, wouldn’t you agree?

2. Reduce Water Intake

As we have already discussed previously, your urine should be sort of a pale yellow in colour. But it is not really necessary that you just have to achieve that colour. An ordinary yellow is just fine too. But if you notice that you are peeing clear urine, you might want to cut back on your water intake.

We know how body needs a lot of water to flush out toxins but that doesn’t mean that you have to gorge on gallons of water a day because it may result in unexpected leaks more often than not. Therefore, drink when you are thirsty and watch out for your water intake.

3. Inspect what you are eating

Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons as well as apples and alcohol are highly acidic in nature. Their acidity irritates the bladder making it let go more frequently, even when you wouldn’t want too. So is you are suffering through this condition, its time to cut back on the intake of acidic foods and drinks.

4. Water-Based Food

Water is not the only source of fluids for our body. It can also extract fluids from fruits and vegetables like cucumber and tomato. This is why you sound watch out for the amount of fluids entering your body by any means. In light of that, limit your total daily fluid intake (via both water and water-based foods) to 7½ cups of water (that is about 60 oz).

5. Meditate

“Mind over matter” or rather in this case “Brain over Bladder”. Research has proven that visualization exercises coupled with relaxation techniques will help you in suffering through fewer episodes of embarrassment, rush and incontinence.

6. Do Kegels

Kegels is one of those new exercise techniques that is being hailed as the guru of bladder control. Here you control the muscle that is used to start and stop the urine flow. This is how it works,

- Quickly squeeze and release your pelvic floor muscle in rapid successions 20 times.

- After a while, slowly do 20 more of them, holding each one for at least 10 seconds if not more.

7. Use Tampons

Activities such as running and jogging can cause leaks, especially if you have drinking water pretty heavily throughout the session. In such a situation, using tampons might be the way to go.

Tampons are a great way to stay dry during such high-impact activities as it slightly lifts the urethra up i.e. the bladders opening. This provides you extra support when you move around during your workout. You can remove it once you are done for the day.

Maybe tampons should be girl’s best friend instead of diamonds eh?