Importances Of Having A Properly Hydrated Body

Everybody require enough water in their bodies in order to carry out several important tasks. The recommended amount, on a daily basis, is six to eight glasses however during summer, one requires to take more water since there is increased water loss through. A dehydrated body has several health implications and is also responsible for a dry and scaly skin. Below are some reasons why having a properly hydrated skin is essential.

Importances of a properly hydrated body

1. Reduces the chances of suffering a heart attack.

One of the main causes of heart failure is clogged arteries, a condition commonly referred to as arteriosclerosis. The heart is one of the most delicate and utterly important organ in the body and if it fails to function properly, it can lead to numerous complication in the body or even an untimely death. This problem of clogged vessels can be avoided by cutting down on the cholesterol intake and drinking a lot of water. Water has been proven the risk factor of arteriosclerosis. Water dilutes the thick blood that is filled with excess fats making the blood lighter and this in turn makes circulation of blood to be much faster and continuous.

2. Regulates the appetite

As people age the sensitivity and effectiveness of the various system in the body reduces significantly. One of the mechanism that is affected is the mechanism that is responsible for regulation of the water in the body. This means that even when the body is dehydrated and needs water one does not feel the urge to drink water. Instead of being thirsty, an individual craves for food. The increased and unnatural appetite may lead to obesity and other diseases and complications that are associated with excessive eating. Water should be taken regularly even when one is not feeling thirsty and this in turn reduce excess eating. Drinking water may be quite monotonous and so to avoid this monotony, water can be substituted for other healthy drinks that do not contain calories. Provided that one remains healthy and properly hydrated, then no harm done, but again it should be duly noted water has numerous benefits and so as much as one drinks other healthy drinks, water should be the main source of hydration for the body.

3. Upkeep of the crucial functions in the body.

A big percentage of the human body is made up of water. This means that if a person lacks water in their body completely, they will end up ten feet under. This large quantities of water in the body do not just sit in the body idly but is used to execute various vital functions in the body. Some of these functions include; regulating the body temperature, dissolving and transporting nutrients and other important substances, facilitating the digestion of food among others. When the body is dehydrated, it affects all the systems in the body that greatly rely on water to function properly. In addition to the stipulated amount of water that should be taken, the rate at which an individual sweat should be taken into account and hence the amount of water intake should also be increased by the same rate or percentage.