Use Vitamin D and Lose Weight

All vitamins are necessary for human body and low deficiency may cause health problem. There are different kinds of vitamins like A, B, C, D, E, K etc. According to the research, the low level of vitamin D in human body causes high risk of obesity.

According to prior research explained by Italian team shows the association between the vitamin D and a high risk of obesity with different complications. But the study does not show any conclusion on the use of supplements of vitamin D to reduce the obesity, the team said.

New research consists of 400 obese and overweight people that have a deficiency of vitamin D and those were using a low calories food. They divided them into three groups. First group did not use vitamin D supplements but second and third group used same supplements 25,000 international units (IU) and 100,000 IU per month respectively.

Vigna's team said, in result after six month both groups who used vitamin D supplements just not only lose their weight but also reduce waistlines as compare to the first group who did not use the supplements.

In the last researcher said that obese people should reduce their weight by decreasing the amount of calories in diet and by adding vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D is also called as “sunshine Vitamins” and obese people should go for free form of vitamin D supplement through sun.